April Round Up!


Happy Saturday!

April has been a lovely month of inspired actions, a Canadian Rocky Mountain road trip…and a good solid week of introspection while I battled the flu.  So I did a bunch of reading in-between the feverish delirium and blowing of my nose.

It’s a shorter list today, but it highlights some of the latest posts from my favourite websites out there.


★  Marie Forleo gives advice on How to Handle Your Upper Limit Problem.  Definitely a great video to watch if you ever experience self-sabotage.

★ I’m a big fan of slowing down.  For a life that includes anxiety, I feel it’s key.  The Magic of Going Slow says it all perfectly.

★ What are your morning rituals like?  I’m a creature of habit and I love so many of Danielle LaPorte’s  suggestions of How to Start Your Day.

★  And if morning rituals are your thing, you’ll love these ideas on how to Create a “Wake Up Happier Spot”…more morning moments of Zen!

★  As if I needed more reasons to swoon over Paris! The Forgotten Treehouse Bars of Bygone Summers in Paris is more than swoon-worthy, it had me dreaming of a time machine to transport me back to the 1850’s when

Customers in chestnut treehouses were served lunch of roast chicken and champagne, their meals hoisted up to them in baskets via rope pulley systems.

Yes, please.

★ Are you a perfectionist?  I am, and it’s something I want to let go of very much.  With these 9 Great Tips to Keep Your Perfectionism in Check, it’s totally possible!

★ This post was by far my favourite read/watch of the month.  A 102 year old Woman Watches Herself Dance for the first time and it’s so beautiful, so inspiring.

My road trip to the Rockies was amazing.  Just me, my man, a crazy amount of springtime sun, and 5 days of super chill times.  Between the hot spring pools, bike rides along the Bow River, mountaintop yoga and all the delicious eats that Banff, Alberta has to offer, I’m refreshed and ready to create.


Mini breaks are so awesome!

Happy reading, and have a fantastic weekend!

Inner Peace and Love,




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2 Responses to April Round Up!

  1. Ellen May 4, 2015 at 21:27 #

    Thanks for including me in this fun round up Nadine! Wishing you a lovely unperfect week :-)

    • nadine May 7, 2015 at 16:51 #

      Thank you for an inspiring post! I love your site! :)

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